We each wield power in the everyday choices we make, but most choices are second nature. Which often means we’re putting nature second, or third... The Sustainable Fox’s mission is to empower us as a society to make more decisions consciously, rather than unconsciously, regarding the impact they have, and to connect anyone with the desire to lead in creating a more sustainable society with the tools to do so.

The most challenging obstacles in living a sustainable life are the expectations and structures of the world around us. 

At The Sustainable Fox, we contribute to a more sustainable community. We do this by working with businesses to restructure their spaces such that sustainable actions become the easiest choice; and, by engaging with individuals in the community to empower you to start making sustainable choices whenever you can. If we change: society changes.

A smaller footprint, say... a foxprint! That's the goal.

Sadie, The Sustainable Fox!

Over the last several years, I've been on a journey learning to live my ever evolving version of a sustainable life. These days, this way of living frequently brings me joy and satisfaction! Getting here, I've regularly  experienced frustration, disappointment, shame, and hopelessness.

My eco-obsession started with reducing my garbage waste. This began in earnest when my fox-brother challenged me to the Glass Jar Challenge: one month of putting all our trash in a jar. I won the challenge, but we both gained something greater. Since then, the way I see and think, and why I make the choices I do has changed drastically - along with the size of my trash bin.

Living a low waste life is easy! Switching to a low waste life takes practice, the right resources, and a fox hole full of positivity... I'm here to help you navigate that path!