Businesses in our community have the power to create large societal shift with small changes, often at no cost!

As individuals, our lives are made up of one decision after another, and so our brains eliminate the deciding part in menial tasks and we often take the easiest immediate action. So when you control a space, you can choose to make the easiest choice a sustainable action. The Sustainable Fox offers a range of services for businesses and organizations looking to lead the way in providing more sustainable spaces for their staff, volunteers, and clientele.

Sustainable Practice Consultation: 

- Sustainable space audit and recommendations
- Sustainable customer engagement practices
- Personal development and team building workshops for staff
- Sustainable habit building challenges
- Transition away from single use items
- Optically sustainable client communication/marketing assistance
- Sustainable event consultation/on-site ambassador

Your space can do it's part in contributing to a sustainable society, The Sustainable Fox is here to help you figure out how!

Sustainable Practice Consultation