We all want to do good, and we all need a little help sometimes.

Living life sustainably is a journey, and requires patience, a few skills, and a bit of knowledge. We're here to help you cut some corners, fox-style! Via coaching sessions and Covid-appropriate consultations, we can transition your habits and space so you tangibly create less waste, are responsible for fewer overall emissions, and live in a healthier environment.

AND it'll be fun!

Sustainable Living Coach: (1hr min.)

- Covid-appropriate in person consultation sessions
- Phone/video call consultation
- Individualized strategies to reduce/eliminate waste
- Family based goal setting
- Fun challenges to help reform habits
- Individualized resource recommendations
- Zero shame or judgment



What's important is making your life more sustainable - this means changes that both you and the environment can sustain.

We recommend engaging in at least 2 sessions! The first will give us the opportunity to discuss sustainability, where you're at in your journey, and what has led you to the extra step of asking us for help. Any immediate questions can be addressed in this session. The second session we come prepared with ideas meant just for you and your household. If you reach a point in your journey where you no longer feel the need for consistent one on one coaching (or you'd like to supplement your regular coaching sessions), we have an Open Dialogue program. Open Dialogue allows you direct email or text consultation for smaller querries, ideas, and concerns outside of scheduled coaching sessions.